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Purple Blast
Black Velvet
A complex drink that triggers joy and sorrow, like a torch coming our of the darkness. People call it the key to the old days.
Natural, delightful and elegant. As gentle as the ever growing tree and as unforgettable as Christmas morning sun.
Warm and charming. Feel the touch of the ocean wind and surf with the sound of the waves.
Violent, thrilling but tremendous. The experience of your swirling at the border of a tornado.
Romantic, smooth but sophisticated. A stable theme taste but with absolutely different flavour every time.
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My Foolish Heart by Bill Evans
Kentucky Avenue by Tom Waits
Fly Me to the Moon by Olivia Ong
Awake by Tycho
Sunday Morning by Velvet Underground
My Foolish Heart by Bill Evans
Smart control based on each music track

Smart Lighting Control that Understands Music

Smart Control

Powered by our patent-pending technology, SoundGlow™ adapts lighting with designer selected colour themes and effects that match the music automatically.

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Easy to Setup

All the LED lighting used in SoundGlow™ are wireless connected by Wi-Fi, which saves the time and budget for wires and construction.

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Flexible Plan

We provide device as service. The subscription is charged based on the amount of devices implemented in this cost-efficient solution to enhance your ambience.

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what experts are saying about us

An excellent tech team out of UCL and Cambridge building a very cool product!

John Spindler

CEO of London Co-Investment Fund

A dynamic and creative team of UCL alumni developing quite exciting new tech!

Anthony Finkelstein

Dean of UCL Engineer Department

An innovative product that helps to create competitive concept in the hospitality industry.

David Moore

Owner of Pied a Terre
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  • Starter Pack

    The minimum package to try out the SoundGlow system, shipped with one central controller, one Wi-Fi LED controller and support up to 15-meter LED strips. Perfect for setting atmosphere at home or briefly decorate the bar area. The hardware package shipped from £99 and software subscription from £10/month-device.

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  • Interior Solution

    Comprehensive plan for building competitive concept. If you have plan to reconstruct your interior or open a new site, our interior and lighting design partners can help you to build extraordinary interior with advanced music lighting experience. Get in touch with us to build stronger experience with less cost.

    Find out more about the specs

  • Feature Smith

    Use our technology to enhance your product experience. Whether you are working on a lighting installation, lighting control system or other music related products, our technology can always offer you a new perspective to enhance the product experience. Drop us an e-mail with your project details to get in touch.

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